Saturday, 26 March 2016

A phallic pea

My poor sister is coming for lunch and she hates peas and on the menu is Pea and Bacon Fritters.  This recipe is on pages 85 - 86 and there is no picture.  

My sister, had to suffer a fruit in food Nigel dish (see 14 January blog post) which she is equally not a fan of.  However, my sister is a complex and interesting woman and she does love Pea and Ham soup, so I am quietly confident I can win her over with this one.

In homage to all things Japanese Nigel talks of the use of Panko breadcrumbs which I use in this dish.  They are readily available in most supermarkets and are certainly easier than making your own.  

This dish starts with a pea puree.  Which is basically the crown jewel of this dish.  Think of emeralds.  I just used bog standard cheap and cheerful frozen garden peas and the colour is amazing.  So many of these recipes have wonderful colours.  

The mixture has smoked bacon added to it - that classic combination of Pea and Pig! Nigel recommends making 6 fritters but they ended up looking rather phallic.  Perhaps my dirty mind... Enough about that, so I decided to make lots of smaller croquettes.  The reason was two fold, as I was serving this for a light lunch with left overs for a toddler supper.

Here they are pre frying:

I fried mine and then popped them in the oven to keep them warm.  I served for lunch with a light salad for my sister who actually loved them and ate a third!  I think they needed a bit of sauce so I had some good quality shop bought mayonnaise with mine.  I think a nice homemade lemon mayo would be lovely with this dish and would help make this a nice grown up starter.  I also would put more bacon if I cook this again (which I think I might as this is a great dish).

Ps the kids had this with homemade potato wedges and baked beans and from a sneaky taste, also a delicious combination.  The bean juice adding that sauciness to a potentially phallic pea...



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