Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday marinating mackerel

I am telling a slight porky in the title of this blog.  Yes the mackerel is marinated, but in the most quick and effortless way.  Nigel has an excellent way of making what feels like the impossible, possible and this recipe is no exception.  It is called Mackerel Toasts and is meant to be cooked on February 28.  I cooked this February 29 (not my fault it is a leap year) and you will find the recipe on pages 64 - 66.  Picture here:

This is meant to be a light lunch or starter but after an indulgent weekend, this is going to be a light supper to be accompanied by a salad.  I have recently discovered this salad of baby kale, pak choi and baby leaf salad which is delicious and I think it will go perfectly with this dish:

I had a struggle getting Mackerel as I forgot that my fishmongers (like all good fishmongers) does not open on a Monday.  I struggled to get fresh Mackerel from my local supermarket and the packet smoked Mackerel will not work for this recipe.  I ended up getting frozen mackerel.  I usually shy away from the freezer sections of supermarkets, reminds me too much of my mum's 9 freezers, packed full and ready for nuclear war at any moment.  However, once defrosted these fillets had bright shiny skins and succulent flesh which appeared fresh enough to even be used for sashimi.  The fillets get grilled to a light golden colour:

You make the marinade by bringing the ingredients quickly to the boil on the hob.  You then pour the marinade over the grilled fillets.  Simples:

The ingredients for the marinade are easy to come by and having been cooking all of Nigel's recipes from this book we had all in the cupboard already.  The little flecks you can see are the celery seeds which have the most wonderful flavour.  Celery is viewed as mostly water but when you taste celery seeds or my personal favourite, celery salt (particularly on a warm runny quails egg) the flavour is immense.

Back to the recipe and the homemade toast.  This was a great excuse to have french bread with cheese for lunch.  The left overs were sliced expertly by my husband in his very organised fashion.  I am currently nursing a knife injury and did not feel up to the task:

Onto plating up and cannot help but think this would make excellent canapés/bowl food.  There was a trend after canapés became a bit passé to do bowl food or slightly larger canapés.  I think during the recession to make sure you would not drink as much expensive wine or a way to provide food to guests without the cost of a sit down meal (and more wine).  Anyways, they look very inviting and the soured cream adds the base it needs without detracting from the flavour of the beautifully marinated mackerel which made for a very happy Monday supper.



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