Saturday, 30 January 2016

Satisfying salsify

The thought of cooking last night was somewhat beyond me.  It was my last day at work.  For those who know me, this decision came as a shock, most of all to me.  My career has been everything to me, but for various reasons, beyond the scope of this blog (you will be relieved to hear!), I am starting a new chapter and it starts here.

Still feeling the effects of my leaving drinks the night before and looking after a feverish toddler.  I was grateful for the simplicity of this dish, "Salsify, toasted dill crumbs'.  See page 32 of the book for the recipe and this is without a picture, although hopefully mine below will help.

Now salsify is an odd thing.  It is not the first time I have cooked with these muddy spindly veg.  They look like a stick and to be honest one that has been hit with an ugly stick.

However, it is like an ugly duckling that turns into a swan, as once washed, peeled and dropped into some cold water with lemon juice they are beautifully pure white.  As Nigel says, it is often said that salsify is meant to taste like oysters.  I am a huge fan of oysters but have never felt salsify has tasted remotely like them. In the past I have cooked salsify in a gratin with potato, cream and garlic and to be honest, you lost the taste of the salsify completely.  This recipe is different.  We are effectively making salsify chips. Covering the salsify in some toasted dill breadcrumbs and preserving the flavour of the salsify:

As described in some of the previous blogs, I do not have all the kitchen gadgets and gizmos.  One that I do have is a mini chopper.  It is brilliant, super cheap from that online rainforest shop (you know the one I mean).  It is great for dicing veg, breadcrumbs, herbs, spices, etc, easy to use and keep clean to boot.  If you are thinking of investing in a gadget - this is one I would recommend.  If you do not have one, I have made breadcrumbs in the past by literally rubbing a slice between my fingers.

So, what to serve with the Salsify. It is Friday night, so either fish or steak.  I think salmon would be a nice accompaniment, perhaps it would bring out the oyster taste, but tonight I have plumped for steak, particularly as I have lovely Barolo which I am keen to drink this evening:

I also think steak for a surf and turf type feel as well.  Of course, it comes served with some green veg, tonight some wilted spinach with a squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper.  Here is the finished article:

The salsify was delicious, my husband said they tasted like crepes with lemon and bizarrely they did. They were a lovely consistency and if you are trying to skip the chips this January, it was an excellent accompaniment to the steak.  I must brag slightly here, although I know this is a very personal choice, but the steak was cooked perfectly...

The thought of it still makes my mouth water...



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