Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Day 2016

So the hungover has just about worn off, the tiredness remains but there is a buzz of excitement.  A new year, a new start and all that jazz.

A good friend of mine sent his wife this birthday card today (hopefully the picture has managed to attach), my name has been written above one of the ladies. It is all about achievable goals after all...

Anyway, one thing (in my year of not making plans) is to try to cook my way through my lovely signed copy of the Nigel Slater a year of good eating.   Although slightly less lovely looking after my 2 year old spilt my cup of tea over it.

So this is Janie cooks Nigel if you like, although obviously not literally (there are probably other blogs for things of that ilk).  I am already breaking the rules, cooking both the new years day and the 2nd January recipe today but today I feel like I need a goose fat roasted chicken with goose fat, garlic and thyme potatoes.  After last night's festivities, I think it will be thoroughly restorative.  I will serve tonight with lots of green veg lightly steamed (I am obsessed with veg).

But today actually starts with a poppy seed crisp bread.  I managed to easily find all the ingredients in Waitrose (other supermarkets available).  Note the poppy seeds were in the herb and spice section not the seed and dried fruit section.  Totally threw me...

Right, let's get cooking!



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