Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Day 2016 - The results part 1

Ok, so Nigel Slater's poppy seed crispbreads made!

First batch had no poppy seeds as I forgot to add them, although clearly very useful as I understand poppy seed allergies are the new thing in 2016 (remember where you heard it first).

Second batch was better but I did not press the poppy seeds in enough so they pretty much all fell off, again good news for poppy seed allergy sufferers.

As they say, third time lucky...Not bad considering I have no mixer with a paddle (used a bowl, a silicone spatular and my arm!), and added a bit too much water which made the mixture sticky (Nigel even warned against this).  Despite it all, they are crispy and tasty and we will be eating them on Sunday with a cheese board.


1/1/16 pm post

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