Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A breakfast for superheroes indeed...it may also cure a hangover...

I have a confession.  Last Friday night I cheated on Nigel.  I felt awful.  I actually cheated on him twice, both times with a woman.  

Picture the scene.  Family supper in Southwold as part of my father's 60th celebrations, I won't mention what I did with Delia for the main course, but I think Nigel would approve of my starter.  I cooked a fantastically easy and delicious dish from Elisa Beynon.  Nigel would approve as he was one of the judges when she won the Fourth Estate and Waitrose Food Illustrated competition.  It was a starter of Guacamole encrusted Tuna and it was delightful.  If you would like to cook it yourself.  Her brilliant cookbook is here:

I am pleased to report that I made up with Nigel on Saturday morning and after nursing some sore heads, a breakfast of superheroes is on the menu. Excellent work Nigel.  The recipe is on pages 56 - 57 of Nigel's book and does not have a picture.  It was meant to be cooked on February 15 and like Nigel says, this is very much a weekend breakfast.  This is a Sunday breakfast toad in the hole.  I know right, this is going to be epic...

I am cooking in another kitchen and have the help of a sous chef which after a fabulous pudding wine  the night before (Canadian Ice Wine) I am appreciative of the help:

This recipe has everything you want in a breakfast; sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms and black pudding.  Ok, so maybe not what a vegan would want in a breakfast, but I do not have any vegan's at my breakfast table today.  Just those in need of a hearty breakfast before a walk by the sea on a wet day.

So you start with a batter with a little twist.  A nice dollop of grainy mustard.  This will definitely be a an addition to my toad in the hole recipe. 

In the meantime you fry up the rest of the ingredients and pop them in the oven to get nice and hot before adding the batter.  I made the school boy of error of not waiting to get the fat hot enough so my batter did not crisp and puff as much as I would have liked.  The hunger and pressure from the waiting crowd was mounting...

The waiting is over and I produce not one but two of these beauties out of the oven.   The flecks of black pudding add an amazing flavour.  Perhaps another good idea for a twist on my toad in the hole recipe?

This gets served up with a giant mug of builders tea and I must confess a dollop of brown sauce.  You can take the girl out of Essex...



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