Saturday, 13 February 2016

Buy one get one free

I am actually cooking two of Nigel's recipes today.  The Seriously Lemon Sorbet meant to be cooked on February 10 (more on this later) and the Mograbia with chorizo and tomato meant to be cooked February 12.

Today is February 13 and it is a wet, miserable, grey day.  I should be going for a run this afternoon but the chances of that are bleak.  Much like the weather.

The recipe is something hearty and warming, just what is needed today.  Now, the main ingredient is Mograbia.  I have never heard of this but it looks right up our street.  We are a household in love with pulses, grains, beans, rice, lentils, etc.  Unfortunately, I could not buy Mograbia in store or online at Waitrose but after some research I discovered it was often referred to as giant cous cous.  So, this is what I purchased instead:

The recipe is on pages 50 - 52 and there is a lovely picture, again served in lovely bowls:

The chorizo sausage was also a challenge.  Now I have obviously heard of this before.  Having lived in Spain how could I have not.  Cured meat could probably be my chosen subject on Mastermind! The recipe calls for four chorizo sausages.  Bearing in mind this recipe serves two I knew it was not going to be the large cooked chorizo sausages you slice and eat straight from the fridge with a nice glass of red wine from Navarra or Rioja.  Nope, I am sure that Nigel is talking about the 'raw' chorizo, what the supermarkets refer to as cooking chorizo.  I.e. it needs to be cooked!  So this is what I bought:

Now this recipe is super easy to prepare.  The giant cous cous cooks in around 10 minutes (less than the Mograbia cooking time).  By the time it is finished cooking it resembles the stuffing of a bean bag.   The chorizo, tomatoes and the other ingredients bubble away nicely, just cooked in the oil that comes out of the chorizo:

The two are then joined together (a match made in heaven) and I must confess, I stirred in a tiny knob of butter to thicken the juices slightly and add a lovely glaze:

I served this with, green veg (of course) and we had it for lunch.  It served all three of us with plenty left over.  I cooked without salt as my son was also eating this and just added ours at the table.  The dish was delicious.  It greeted my husband back from a very wet windy and cold 60 mile bike ride and we all loved it.  We discussed how it is another contender for the top recipe prize.  It is hearty, warming and extremely tasty. My son loved it too.  Especially the 'sausage' but what kid wouldn't love something served on this plate:

I wonder if Nigel has one of these in the cupboard...



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