Monday, 25 April 2016

A recovery supper of squid

Having been beavering away in the background continuing to cook my way through Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries Vol III, I have failed miserably for various reasons to blog my efforts.  This in particular took me out of action for a bit (another one of my bake offs):

If I ever see another Love Heart again...Anyways, back to all things Nigel.  For me, a much more relaxed place than the world of cake baking! 

Now, on to 'A Little Stir Fry of Squid and Pepper'.  Which in Nigel's book was cooked on March 25 (this was cooked on 31 March) and the recipe is on pages 98 - 101 and includes the following picture:

I was in recovery at this point and the first time I made it down for dinner and my lovely sous chef (aka husband) did a lot of the leg work, in particular preparing the squid:

So, on to the squid.  I managed to get from a very large supermarket a bag of freshly prepared squid which had been frozen by the fishmonger as soon as it was prepared.  Accordingly, it was super fresh, meant I could keep it in the freezer until I was well enough to use it and actually required very little further work by us.  It was very well trimmed and very clean.   

The rest of the ingredients were very much store cupboard/fridge basics.  I bought my szechuan peppercorns from Amazon (other online retailers available) but annoyingly found them in another larger supermarket when looking for another spice recently.  

Nigel, does not have any carbs with his dish.  I do not need carbs every night, but whilst weak from recovery, I needed my energy so we boiled some noodles alongside making this quick and easy stir fry:

Once the spices are all prepared, it is a classic stir fry...bung it all in on a high heat and voila! Or whatever the mandarin equivalent is! 

Ours looks very different from Nigel's for a few reasons, one the noodles make it lighter, we discarded the tentacles (I was very fragile still) and I have an absolute fear of over cooking squid so just waited till it went opaque.

The dish was delicious.  A nice kick to it, which was very warming and the soft noodles and squid with the crunchy peppers and noodles.  Not quite the restorative supper I needed but a tasty one nonetheless.



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