Sunday, 1 May 2016

A belly buster of belly and beans

The level of excitement I had over the pie, was now being demonstrated by my husband.  He LOVES a bean and a pulse.  Ooer missus...

This recipe is Pork Belly and Beans on pages 108 - 109 of Nigel's book and there is no picture.  Ingredients were easy to come by, although I managed to let my pork belly go out of date but thankfully my trusty butcher saved the day! Again, this is another frugal supper (two lots of meat aside).

You used dried cannellini beans for this recipe so have to boil them and scrape the froth off:

To be honest, if you were short on time I think you could use the tinned variety.  Nigel recommends cavolo Nero for this recipe or a dark cabbage.  I could only get a savoy cabbage and made sure to trim out the stalks.  For this alone I think the cavolo nero would have been better:

You put your onions, beans, cabbage, herbs and stock into the bottom of a roasting dish and pop your scored pork belly on top.  What I think you are looking for is the meat to be submerged to keep it moist but the fat high enough to crisp to lovely crackling.  So into the oven it goes:

This takes a while to cook in the oven but is worth the wait:

This reminds me of french peasant food, real home cooking to be accompanied by a gutsy red. It was absolutely delicious and we had leftovers for lunch the next couple of days.  My husband even ate the beans on toast for breakfast.  I told you he loved his beans...



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